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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation
Disputes can be stressful no matter the size. Not only do you have to deal with the dispute at hand, you also have the added pressure of working out what procedure should be followed, how much time it will take, the costs and your actual chance of succeeding. To take away the stress of litigation, obtain clear, practical and specialist advice with the aim of resolving your dispute quickly and cost effectively contact Atalaw.

Process Flow Chart

Warrant of executionPay in full Paid direct to youAccept Claimant sendsacceptance to CourtAdmit/part admitto pay by installmentsRejectClaimant sendnon-acceptance to CourtAcknowledgeextend by 14 daysIgnore the ClaimformClaimant files judgementafter 14 days on formN205A (CPR Pt 12)File defence(CPR Pt 15)Alloc questionnaireSumm Judgment (Pt 24)Small claims <£10kFast track >£10k<£25kMulti-track >£25k Settle JudgementJudgement EnforcementTrialDirections hearing or chambers orderSettlementThe defendant has 14 daysto decide whether to..Claimant posts to the court 1)Claim N1 2) Fee 3) Pre-Action ProtocolsCourt prepares & serves claimand sends you Claim note (N205A)Debtor attend questioning Attachment ofEarningsThird party ordercharging order of propertyWinding UpBankruptcy
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